Assessment of the Property or its valuation is done by the West Bengal Valuation Board on the basis of Valuation Rules & Regulations. Details of the Guidelines are available at

Procedure/Steps to Follow

  1. The following steps to be followed by the Citizens of the Municipality regarding Assessment works:
  2. Xerox copy of the invoice of the present Municipality Tax and Water Charge.
  3. The xerox copies of the deed of the buyer and the seller (if required) are to be submitted. The Deed No. must be visible.
  4. In case of bigger plot under Municipality the xerox copy of the master plan design must be submitted.
  5. The approved design of plan must be submitted in case of houses bought.
  6. The conversion certificate of the land and the Parcha of the RSOLR must be submitted.
  7. If the Seller is selling the land in form of power of Attorney then that power should be a registered one and the xerox of the same must be produced.
  8. In case of Amalgamation of Holdings two copies of site plan with its areas identified with specified colors must be submitted along with the xerox of the deed and the invoice of the municipality tax. And declaration must be deposited upon non-judicial stamp paper of INR. 10.
  9. In case of heir, the Affidavit issued by a 1st Class Magistrate must be submitted along with the proof of death.
  10. Affidavit may be required in special cases.
  11. All the xerox copies must be compared by the department.
  12. Valuation certificate will be required in case of the partition deed.

Information required for the Separation

  1. Application must be submitted after the approval of the mutation in the Municipality monthly meeting.
  2. Xerox copy of the invoices of the Municipality tax and water charge submitted till dates are required.
  3. Separate applications are to be submitted for each separate holding.
  4. One copy of the Separation design with each room and houses of the holding indicated with specified different colours and exact measurement of each must be submitted.
  5. The signatures of the Owner and the Designer attested by the Councillor are necessary.
  6. Xerox of the deed of the buyer must be submitted.


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