Pulse Polio

Pulse Polio


The role of the municipality in the area of Public Health has primarily been that of implementing Central and State Government Health Programmes in the urban area. In addition, there are other health services, which the municipality provides, under the aegis of the West Bengal Municipal Act 1993. These services include, preventive measures for checking the spread of dangerous disease (vector control), providing immunization including public vaccination and inoculation, registering an event of birth and death, construction, maintenance and operation of dispensaries, ambulance services, issue of food license, to name a few.

Apart from this, there are other Central and State Government Health Schemes that are implemented by the ULBs. To name a few of them, Calcutta urban Development programme(CUDP), Indian Population Project(IPP) VIII, National Anti malaria programme, National Leprosy Elimination Programme, National AIDS Control Programme and Blood safety etc. the focus of these programmes have been mostly directed to catering to the preventive health care needs of the BPL families with particular emphasis on reproductive and child health care.

In line with the West Bengal Municipal Act 1993, The Health care Service Delivery Improvement Plan of DDP refers to the entire gamut of health services related to public health, reproductive & child health care and other preventive health cater initiatives taken by ULB by way of implementing Govt. Plans/ programmes. The services are broadly divided into three themes. The themes will cover:

  • Theme 1: Public Health Service such as Vector Control Service, Birth & Death Registrations, Burning Ghats & Cremetorium, Dispensaries, Medical store, Ambulance Service, Dog pound Service and Issue of food license under the PPA Act.
  • Theme 2: Reproductive and Child Health Care Service includes the Central and State Government Health Plans and Schemes which are implemented by the ULB such as CUDP III and IPP VIII.
  • Theme 3: Preventive Health Care covers National Immunisation Programme, National Anti Malaria Programme(NAMP), National Leprosy Elimination Programme, National AIDS Control Programme and Blood Safety, Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme(RNTCP) and Diarrhea and Enteric Disease Control etc. This theme also covers other independent initiatives taken by the ULB to set up of eye camps, blood donation camp, ligation camps etc.

The purpose of preparation of the Health Care Delivery Improvement Plan is to:

  1. To prepare a holistic health care plan, to look at health delivery beyond scheme delivery and ensure planning for not only reproductive and child health services but for other aspects of public health as well.
  2. To strengthen the existing municipal health system and mainstream the whole process of health care delivery system to address those aspects of health care which have been neglected and reach out to those groups of people who typically get excluded from receiving benefits from Schemes/ targeted programmes.
  3. To enhance the health status of the people, particularly those who are poor and those who live in slums and squatter settlements by ensuring maximum delivery of health services to these groups.
  4. To identify linkages with other subcomponent plans of the DDP such as the Intra Municipal Infrastructure Improvement Plan, the Livelihoods and Poverty Alleviation Plan, Slum Infrastructure Improvement Plan and Education Plan.
  5. To arrive at a shelf of projects this can be financed through its own resources, Government funds, KUSP funds or in partnership with NGOs.

Vaccination Schedule for Kamarhati Municipality

* Vaccine for Polio, D.P.T., Hepatitis ‘B’, T.T. & D.T. - Every Wednesday
* Vaccine for B.C.G. & Hepatitis ‘B’ - Every Thursday
* Vaccine for Measles and Vitamin ‘A’ - Every Friday
* Vaccine for Booster Dose (for 5, 10 & 16 year child) - Every Wednesday
* Deposition of charges for Hepatitis ‘B’ - Every Monday, Friday and Saturday
  • No deposit of money is required in case of Hepatitis ‘B’ for those babies who are within one year.
  • From 1 year to 10 year, deposition money is Rs. 70/- and afterwards Rs. 130/-

Vaccination is done everyday from 10:30 am to 01:30 pm.


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