Regular Services 

  1. Clearing of Drains at a several interval to maintain a well balanced drainage system.
  2. According to the demand and necessity of the people and organization of this area our workers collect the night soil and also Clear the Septic tanks.
  3. Through the help of Garbage Trolley, VAT& Hydraulic VAT, we collect ward-wise Garbages.
  4. We also look after the problems caused by Public Nuisance.

Different Public Utility Service :

  • Garbage Trolly
  • Safety Tanks Clearance
  • Road Sweeping
  • Drain cleaning etc.

Monitoring mechanism of Departmental Activities 

  1. Collect Septic Tank’s clearing Form from Counter.
  2. Fill the Form Properly according to the stated advice.
  3. Inform it to the Sanitation Inspector or relevant officer of the Health & Sanitation Department.

Awareness Programme :

  • Plastic Pollution Control
  • Plantation
  • Controlling pollution of Ganga through Nirmal Ganga Aviyan
  • Clean City Awareness Programme

We have so many vehicles which are used to maintain our day to day garbage cleaning and water supply activity -

1. Tractor (New) :: 13 nos.
2. Tractor (Old) :: 02 nos.
3. Dozar Tractor :: 01 no.
4. Dozar :: 02 nos.
5. Water Tank (Small) :: 18 nos.
6. Water Tank (Big) :: 01 no.
7. VAT :: 34 nos.
8. Hydraulic VAT :: 08 nos.
9. Roller :: 03 nos.
10. Roller (Small) :: 01 no.
11. Cesspool Machine :: 02 nos.
12. Cesspool Machine (Big) :: 01 no.

Disposal of Garbage :

Total collection of garbage 120-130 ton per day by wheel borrow carrier/Hydrolic trallor/lorries & tri cycle car (everyday door to door)

  • Dumping Ground 1 no.
  • Vermy compost & mechanical compost project will start very soon
  • Supply of water by water tanker for all ceremony/ occasions.



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