Birth & Death

Birth & Death

Birth and Death Registration

The birth certificate is the most important identity document for an individual which is most useful to proof the date as well as the place of birth. On the other hand, a death certificate is a document issued by the Government to the nearest relative of the deceased, stating the date, fact and cause of death. In both cases (Birth and Death) the process of Registration is done by the Municipality.

Apply for Birth/Death Registration in between 21 Days:

In cases, occurring within 21 days the birth and death certificates are issued from the Municipality. After expiry of 21 days, registration of birth and death cases is done after obtaining order from SDO /Executive Magistrate. Applicant must submit with sufficient documents in support of their claim before the Executive Magistrate for getting required order.

Necessary Documents :-

(i) In case of Birth -

  1. Discharge certificate of hospital,
  2. Immunization or health card of a child
  3. EPIC and Ration Card of parents
  4. Documents like land deeds to prove residence of parents during period of birth
  5. All other declaration from municipalities as supporting evidence.

(ii) In case of Death : -

  1. Death certificate of a registered Doctor
  2. Certificate issued by Burning Ghat
  3. Municipality’s declaration regarding occurrence of death and cremation are also taken into account
  4. In case of unnatural death post mortem report must also be submitted.

Steps to be followed in case of various application periods

In Case of Birth & Death Follow the Steps
Within 30 days In the house

1. Collect Form from the Birth & Death Department.

2. One application with complete details and also bring a recommendation certificate by Ward Commissioner.

3. Photocopy of PAN card or Ration Card.

4. If the ration card or PAN card is not available, then a residential certificate must be obtained from  the Ward Commissioner.

5. Bring Photocopy of Immunization of your Infant. 

In Between 30 days and one year One application with affidavit
After one year As per District Magistrate’s order
In case of Hospital/Nursing Home Discharge Certificate


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